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Patricia Mellin

Consultant, Marketing and Advertising

Patricia Mellin, Marketing and Communication, Digital Media, Photography

Patricia Mellin's Bio:

My name is Patricia Mellin, I am a social media strategist and photographer. I am known for my energy, strong creativity and spontaneity. I am innovative, have a strong drive and look constantly forward.

My strength is in digital marketing and my skills are in marketing and communication, web and digital media. Everything from strategy to purely operational missions. 

I'm used to work in a team and to organize projects and even enjoy with working independently. I always take my responsibility and have well development skills to create good relationships with different types of people. 

Those who really know me describe me this way: "quick, structured, open for needs of individual solutions, has the ability to handle many connections and easy to put into new environments." 

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I photograph in several genres as portrait, kids, wedding, family, documentation, products, events, street photography, nature and much more.


Two of my biggest interest are people and nature. The interaction between mankind and nature has always fascinated me. I want to create images which tell about a reality that I am looking for. I want to come closer to people I photograph.


You are welcome to contact me if you want to know more! 



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Patricia Mellin's Education:

  • IHM Business School

    Concentration: Marketing
  • Art College

    Concentration: Photography

Patricia Mellin's Interests & Activities:

My hobbies are my children, my writing, family and friends, literature, travel, gardening, nature, cooking, photography, social media, training and exercise.

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