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Patricia Mellin

Consultant, Management Consulting

Patricia Mellin, coach, social entrepreneur, social media strategist, amateur photographer.

Patricia Mellin's Bio:

My name is Patricia Mellin, I am a social entrepreneur, a social media strategist and an amateur photographer. I am known for my energy, strong creativity and spontaneity. I am innovative, have a strong drive and look constantly forward.

I have many years of experience in the fields of marketing industry, Internet Marketing, as self-employed, entrepreneur, and digital communicator. I trained at IHM Business School and have also worked at the executive level sales and marketing. My expertise covers a wide scope of activities, like planning, implementation and management. I am fluent in French, English, Swedish and Creole. I have also worked as a local politician in Sweden and have been member of board in several non-profit organizations. I still work in non-profit organizations but as a social volunteer.

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Patricia Mellin's Experience:

  • Consultant at Patricia Mellin Social Media Consultant

    Welcome to my professional profile at: Current job: Social Media Consultant. Operate and support individuals, small and medium sized companies in the personal and business digital identity on social media. Helping individuals, businesses and organizations to understand, manage, and succeed in social media.

Patricia Mellin's Education:

  • IHM Business School

    Concentration: Marketing

Patricia Mellin's Interests & Activities:

My hobbies are my children, my writing, family and friends, literature, travel, gardening, nature, cooking, photography, social media, training and exercise.

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